The Academic Sports Association is the largest sports association in Poland that has been operating continuously for over a century.
AZS has three Central Academic Sports Centers: in Gdańsk, Górki Zachodnie, Wilkasy and Zieleniec.
We offer you at the AZS Górki Zachodnie resort: Hotel Galion ***, Restaurant Galion, Sports Facilities, Health Center Spa & Reha and Marina.


Hotel Galion *** is located at the mouth of Wisła Śmiała to the Gulf of Gdansk in Górki Zachodnie - a quiet, seaside district of Gdansk,
just 15 minutes from the center, 1,800 meters from the public transport stop.
We have a team of flexible experts listening and reacting to your comments.
We are open to individual, business or sports enthusiasts.

Restaurant Galion

Restaurant Galion with a beautiful view of the marina, moored yachts and the Vistula Śmiała floodplain invites you to their interiors. The dishes served in our restaurant come from Polish cuisine. Krzysztof Konieczny is responsible for their original preparation.


We are honored to invite you to the Academic Sports Center AZS. Excellent location (about 11 km to the center of Gdansk), with easy access to numerous attractions of the Tri-City, impressive sports infrastructure, convenient training conditions both on the water and land, is an ideal place to organize all kinds of campings.

Health Center

The GALION health center is a place where you get help in getting back to health, regain energy and find peace. In modern offices we make a wide range of relaxation and rehabilitation treatments. Qualified staff will take care of your individual needs. We want our guests to find a way to a better frame of mind and a healthier lifestyle during their stay as well as every day.


Thanks to the unusual location, having a large area with a marina and our own equipment, we are able to offer a range of individual attractions ideally suited for those seeking an idea for leisure and companies.


The most prominent marina in Gdańsk from the side of the Gulf of Gdansk is located in the northern part of the Rozlewisko Wisły Śmiała.


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AZS Centralny Ośrodek Sportu Akademickiego Ośrodek w Gdańsku - Górki Zachodnie

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